Term and Conditions

  1. Subscribe TadaBox Program can only be done at the date of 1-15 to subscribe in the next month. For example: If you subscribe to and settle the payment of packages TadaBox at the date January 1 to 15, then you will start receiving Tada Box in February. If you subscribe to and settle the payment after the 16th of January, then you will come to a subscription program that in the next month and a new start receiving TadaBox in March.
  2. Tada Box will be delivered in 1-7 dates each month.
  3. Tada Box subscription program you can not be transferred to another member or non-member.
  4. If you change your mind, you can cancel with no cancellation fee (cancellation fee) and get a refund with a few provisions.
  5. You can only do the cancellation from the date 1-10 each month. Simply send an email to cs@tadabox.id with subject: subscribe Cancellation Tada Box. Or send a message to 082 111 266 662 on the operating hours (Monday – Friday from 09:00 to 18:00).
  6. When you cancel your Tada box subscription program at the date 1-10 in the month, then you will still receive the Tada box in the next month, then delivery Tada Box will be dismissed.
  7. If you cancel your subscription program TadaBox after the 10th, it will be counted as a cancellation which began the following month.
  8. When you unsubscribe, then the fee will be refunded is the subscription fee of the remaining months. Your subscription fee will be refund at the date 1-10 in the next month. For example: You are a new customer and choose a subscription package of 6 months. You’ll automatically get the shipping box from January to June. Then in March you want to cancel and send email on March 9. Then you will get delivery Tada box in April, and subscription fees from May to June you will be refund at the date of April 1 to 10.
  9. Tada entitled to reject your subscription program without any reason.