Starting from the desire of every person who likes to surprise, gifts, free and interest in unique items and trends. Then formed idea of tadabox to indulge jakartans clans and across Indonesia against that desire. Where young and old alike can get a surprise on his special day each month can even be present at your doorstep, the people closest to you, or your best friend. A happy feelings toward you every month.

TadaBox is a company in the industry that offers gift items with a selection of the best quality. We have a new concept for the gift industry in Indonesia, where the goods for you is the stuff that has criteria unique items, collectible, grooming, hobby with the theme and element of surprise which is different every month.

We guarantee you will feel a sense of excitement that is remarkable for the presence of the goods are in the midst of you.

In addition tadabox also you can send to your loved ones in the happy, such as birthday, wedding day, born day etc. You do not need to bother thinking about what gifts are appropriate for them, because we are going to ensure they like the gift you send.

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